Expert repair of stereo and A/V components.


We usually have a small selection of pre-owned, fully serviced items for sale at the Electronic Center, including both vintage stereo equipment and newer gear.  All units have been restored/repaired as needed, and all come with a 60 day warranty.

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here for a description of our current inventory.  If you see something of interest, give us a call or send us an email.  We'll get back to you quickly to answer your questions or arrange a demo in our showroom. Thanks for looking!

Sorry, but we are unable to demo our pre-owned items without an appointment.
  Please call ahead (913-649-5000) before visiting the shop.

 Electronic Center Refurbished Audio Inventory



Yamaha NS-225             1978-79   30w
Yamaha NS-1000     1977-83 8Ω@100W 3way Ebony Cabinets
Minimus 3.5             93-97 great small speakers
Bose 901 series VI pair   with EQ, Walnut series VI, and boxes


Sansui 5000a            1969-70 55w@8Ω(x2) 4-16Ω
Marantz 2226B            1977-80 29w@8Ω(x2) 4+Ω
Carver HR-895 (5.1)    1992 110W (front), 75W (center), 35W (rear)
Pioneer SX-1010    1974-76 100w@8Ω(x2) 4-16Ω

Pre Amps

Carver C-4000    1982
Carver CT-17    1989 pre-amp w/ tuner and IR remote

Integrated Amps

Yamaha A3090   (7.1 IA) 1996 80W@8Ω (x5) w/ remote
Sansui AU-517            1977-79 65W@8Ω (x2)
Carver CM-1090                 1989 100w@8Ω(x2) w/ remote + box
Onkyo TX-DS939 (5.1 IA) 1996-99 100w@Ω8 (x5) beefy unit


Sansui T-77

Power Amps

Mac MC2105 Amp   1970-75 105W@8Ω (x2) w/ wood case
Kenwood Basic M2 1983-84 220W@8Ω (x2) 4-16Ω $1 a Watt!


Turn Tables

B+O 4002 CD4    Linear
B+O Beogram RX
Thorens TD165    Manual operation
Marantz TT4000    Direct drive, Quartz lock
Dual 505-2
Sony PS-X40    Direct Drive, Quartz lock, Strobe


Reel to Reels

Pioneer RT-707 w/reel 1977-84
Teac A-2070

Cassette Units

MISC Units

Mac MI-3 Scope         1970 w/ wood case
JBL Lancer 77 Components 8Ω @ 30W 2x(LE10A , LE20-1, PR10, xover/control)
JBL Jubel L65 Components 1978 8Ω@75W 3way 2x (077 tweet, LE5-5 mid, 126a Woof, xover, control)
U.S.Amps  USA1000         1Ω Stable Automotive
OZ 15" subwoofer              4Ω diecast frame

Montgomery Wards Airline Console Tape in rcas
Zenith Console c937 Refurbised W/tape and adap rcas CH 29ct30